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Sep 19 2010 ITOne response so far

Steve Jobs reported recently that Apple is about to launch it’s new keyboard. “It will be very clean design and will give it’s pride back to the space key which has been discriminated for a long time.” Asked whether it will not scare off existing and potentially new Apple users, he said “we believe our users are not that dumb that they don’t know which key is where on the keyboard, are they? And we will still continue to ship older models of the keyboard [for additional payment].” There have been rumors that Apple decided to switch to it’s new type of keyboards to save costs of manufacturing different keyboards for different countries with different keyboard layouts. Although users may buy stickers for their new keyboard instead of spending fortune on older model keyboard, this is not approved by Apple and they may deny warranty on such keyboards if any traces of stickers being used will be found on any of the keys. Some people have already started buying older models to later make business on selling them, but hey, it’s not sugar, you cannot buy keyboards for your whole life.

We got our hands on one of the prototypes how the new keyboard may look like:

This so called “space keyboard” brings Apple to new dimension and more close to the “space design” which no doubt they are aiming at.

One response so far

  1. Skolas laikos priecājāmies par Das Keyboard. Nebūtu tik dārga, varbūt arī toreiz būtu nopircis. Nav jau tā, ka tie burti uz taustiņiem būtu baigi vajadzīgi 🙂

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